USDA Refinance Owner Occupancy Requirements

Date: November 15, 2012

Can I Refinance To A New USDA Loan When I Don’t Live In The House Anymore?For borrowers who have an existing USDA Loan and no longer occupy their house, can’t refinance into a new USDA Loan. No matter what the scenario, including job transfer and military relocation, the USDA Loan can’t be refinanced to a new USDA Loan. These properties are now considered to be investment property and not eligible for a new USDA Loan since the USDA Loan Program is only available for primary occupancy properties.

However, if at least one of the original borrowers on the loan occupies the house, then they can refinance provided the other original borrower isn’t occupying the house and that borrower isn’t on the new loan or property title.

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